Live Like a Royal

February’s traditional birthstone is the beautiful gemstone amethyst, a violet variety of the mineral quartz. When manganese is present in clear quartz, it produces amethyst. Its hue of purple, ranging from pale lilac to deep violet, is attributed to the amount of …

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Sparkle From the Inside Out

I love the hunt for sparkly, vintage costume jewelry that I can use to repurpose into wearable pieces for today. To me, the more sparkly the better. Some of the pieces I find are incredibly beautiful but may have a …

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The Old is Gone, the New Has Come! 

If you happen to have a birthday in January, you may already know that your birthstone is the beautiful, deep red garnet. One of the best finds I have ever come across was an old garnet pin in Eureka Springs, …

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Less Dust, More Sparkle

It’s the beginning of a new year. For some of you, it may feel like you are starting a new chapter in your life. Perhaps you are starting all over with a past goal you had made for yourself that …

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