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Kimberly Moore

I absolutely love anything that sparkles whether it’s in nature, a fun personality, or the perfect accessory to an outfit. Maybe that’s just part of being a Texas girl. One of the brightest sparklers in my life is Michael, my fun-loving, adventurous husband who expanded the boundaries of my heart and mind when he became my travel partner on this journey in life and around the world, encouraging me to experience new countries, cultures, and cuisines way out of my comfort zone. My other sparkler is our rescued Pomeranian, Miss Emma. She is a little joy bug who keeps us smiling and laughing all the time!

I also love using my imagination to be creative. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Wellness Management from John Brown University, I enjoyed incorporating creativity into my motivational speaking on the topic of fitness, presenting to clubs, companies, and corporations for several years. I use creativity daily with my personal training clients, water workouts, and chair exercise classes for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The artistic side of me opened up a new chapter in my life years ago when my imagination was sparked during an antiquing expedition. The beauty and sparkle from vintage costume jewelry, especially from the Golden Era (1950s), caught my eye. I began to collect several exquisite pieces, envisioning them transformed into something new and contemporary while retaining their historical beauty.

After repurposing many into sparkly statement rings, my website was launched. I also found a niche for transforming sentimental family heirlooms for others into magnificent pieces they can enjoy wearing today.

Collecting and repurposing vintage jewelry led to a desire to learn all I could about its history which prompted me to become a blogger, teaching others about the amazing craft and its talented designers. Blogging stirred my enthusiasm for writing which began my journey toward becoming an author.

After a very dark and difficult season of losing my mother to breast cancer in 2012, God clearly showed me the connection of repurposing worn vintage jewelry into something shiny and beautiful the same way He could bring my sparkle back as I became repurposed to bring Him glory through my pain. He then prompted me to write my first Bible study, Beauty in a Life Repurposed.

As my imagination continued down the path of creativity, I found myself desiring to learn about gemstones and how I could use them to make jewelry with spiritual significance. I designed a line of bracelets called Kingdom Collection representing the beauty in our eternal Home in heaven, and a line of necklaces, Birthstone Blessings, representing the precious gift of life.

God revealed how I could connect each of the traditional birthstones to a gift He provides us for a radiant life. This gave me everything I needed for my second Bible study published in 2020, Kingdom Sparkle. God continues to give me creative writing ideas which I share often on my Spiritual Sparkle blog.

Today, I enjoy speaking to women’s groups in local organizations and churches, teaching the history of vintage costume jewelry and its talented designers who had an extraordinary way of using sparkle and imagination in their eye-catching creations. And I am passionate about sharing how we can get our own sparkle back, allowing God to use our unique story, no matter how painful, so we can truly shine for Him.

My hope is that I can encourage and equip you through my writing to use the sparkling nuggets found in God’s Word so you can live radiantly for Christ.